Shoreline Baptist Church

Shoreline Baptist Church is a community of believers in Jesus Christ. We come from many different walks of life, and from all age groups. What unites us is our common faith in Christ and our common mission - to love God, love one another and share the good news of Jesus.

We are by no means perfect, but we believe God in his grace has forgiven our sins and is transforming us into the people he wants us to be. Our prayer is to see many others experience God's life-changing grace as well.
With the sudden rise of the Omicron COVID Variant and numerous cases in our community we have temporarily moved to having our services online only.

Email anytime to request the ZOOM link to join online.
"Mom Walk" is a ministry to encourage and equip moms of young children and to grow as a community of faith in Jesus Christ.
Check it out and bring your friends!
Keep Your Eyes on Jesus
Pastor Adam Kennedy
Matthew 14:22-33
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